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Women’s Day Declaration

After I spoke for our Women’s Day event, I led the women in this declaration! Hope this blesses you as it blessed me!

I declare in the name of Jesus that…

My heart is experiencing a great awakening to my purpose

This is my season to live in God’s ordained destiny

I will arise as a mighty women of God from the depression and exhaustion

I will arise from fear and embrace the courage of the Lord

I will not cower back in complacency or insecurity

I will awaken from slumber and indifference

I break every religious spirit that has pushed me to the background

I loose confusion into every plan and demonic conspiracy to keep me silent

Let every dormant gift, talent and anointing be awakened inside of me

I declare in the name of Jesus …

I am significant

I will arise and let my voice be heard

I will rise to a new life and redeem the time of every wasted year

I will not allow a lazy, slothful spirit to control me

This is a season when old things are passing away and all things are being made new

This is a time when my God-given dreams and aspirations will come to fruition

I declare in the name of Jesus …

I will answer the call of God

I shake myself free from apathy and lack of concern

There is a new level of urgency and passion for purpose arising in me

I will use my life and resources to accomplish great things for the Lord

I will capitalize on every opportunity to fulfill my destiny

I am a woman filled with the Holy Spirit

I will encourage the next generation of godly women

The Lord validates me. He has called me.


Spoken by: Lady Z Speaks

Book: The Esther Anointing – Michelle McClain-Walters

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