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Op-Ed: The intersection of Faith, Hope and Politics.

The intersection of Faith, Hope and Politics.

Odd combination, maybe. But all across Indiana, voters have been disengaged, discouraged and even ill-informed. To be a Democrat in Indiana has been a challenge, causing people to lose faith in our leaders, lose hope for change, and lose political power. There is a contentious, cynical feeling that we have to break if we really want to see our communities improve. We only win if we are intentional about continuously engaging voters and inspiring them to use the power of their voice!

Hope to me means being confident and positive about the future! When President Obama ran, he talked about Hope in a way that can always be inspirational. He explained that Hope isn't blind optimism, ignoring the difficulties or obstacles that lie ahead, but having a willingness to go through them anyway! The belief that we, individually, have the power to affect change. That we can change things by courageously being involved!

I believe in the power of hope. I also believe in the power of faith. Faith embraces hope and also includes having trust in a person or thing in the present! Faith to me is an action word. Just like hope, faith requires both belief and then follow up. If you really have faith, if you really have hope, your actions should be reflective of that positive and successful outlook. Faith encourages and inspired us to look within ourselves but also outside if ourselves. Through faith, anything is possible.

Now how does this intersect with politics?

Well, politics is the activity associated with the governance of people, the literal distribution of resources. Unfortunately, many people have lost faith and hope in this governmental structure. And justifiably so. Many political leaders have misused their power and the overall political systems has failed a lot of us!

We have even seen Republicans justify their extreme policies and legislative overreach, all in the name of being a Christian. That's Wrong! We cannot weaponize, misquote and undermine what the Bible says for us to do. Whether Hoosiers are Christians, Muslim, Jewish, Atheist or another sect, we all agree that our core responsibilities include caring for others, operating in grace, and love. We are a hopeful people! We are people of faith. And we have to stand up for eacother and what's Right!!

So, we can't stop. Even when we get a little tired.

We can't give up. Even when the load gets a little heavy.

We can't lose hope. Even when history hasn't been kind.

We can't lose faith. Because there are good people fighting for us!

And we can't not vote! Even when people are actively trying to take away our right.

Politicians play a role, but so does the community. We cannot continue to stay home and not engage in elections. We have to ensure we are voting for the right leaders that will actually represent our wishes. Leaders we can believe and have faith in! We have to hold each and every political leader accountable so they make decisions in the best interest of the people they serve. We cannot allow one party, one group of people, one person take away our hope and diminish our outlook on life! Stay encouraged and strong in your faith!

So please, be hopeful, be faithful and go vote! Take 5 people with you. Then each of you call 5 more!

As always...

Live outside the box. Live in purpose. Live on purpose.

And vote....

Peace. Blessings. Love.

Lady Z

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