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Blurring the lines between church, community and career.

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About ZeNai

ZeNai is accustomed to accomplishing any goals she sets. Most notable, after starting and stopping, failing and procrastinating, she became one of the under-represented 2% of African-Americans who have obtained the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license.  She is a dynamic, millennial business and community leader with over 13 years of professional experience. Also known as Lady Z, ZeNai was raised in the Church and continues to serve in a number of ways including teaching, preaching and even church organizational consulting. She believes that we must fully engage our whole selves by giving back, empowering others, and "Lifting as we climb" to leverage all of our collective skills to change other's lives.

ZeNai believes that we need to start shaking some tables!

ZeNai is a published author and speaker. Check out her blog, LadyZSpeaks, and book: Finish!

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No one else gets to decide who you are.


Live outside the box. Live on purpose. Live in purpose!

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